Helping others make a house a home

​​Locally, HOME FREE OF WEST MICHIGAN, is a 501(c)3 non profit organization seeking to provide home furnishings free of charge to those in need in West Michigan, currently focused in Ottawa County.

To better assist our community we provide delivery of most items to homes of families in need, this prevents them from having to find appropriate transportation for larger items.


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Our vision is helping others make a house a home! Below you will find some of the benefits of a dining room table and a bed, items that we often take for granted.  These are the same items we are trying to give to families in need in West Michigan,

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HOME FREE WEST MICHIGAN, is devoted to utilizing our resources to passionately assist families in need to provide them with furniture, baby items, and kitchenware to allow them to make their house a home at NO COST to them. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through monetary donations or donations of home furnishings and baby items. .

making a house a home

We are always in need of help from our amazingly generous community. Please click below if you have any items that you are willing to donate.


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Our Mission

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  • Family dinners promote better family relationships
  • ​Studies show that eating as a family leads to better grades
  • ​Benefits of getting enough sleep include lowering your risk of serious health issues
  • ​It's not only about the number of hours of sleep, but the quality as well