‚ÄčWe came up with this idea when we realized that there are several organizations in West Michigan that provide food and even clothing free of charge to those in need. However, we couldn't find any organizations that were providing household items (free of charge) to families in need.  We have a passion for allowing families and children to have every opportunity to be successful.  We believe in the importance of families sitting around a dinner table to eat together every night.  When we began to think about the families who are unable to sit at a table because they do not have one, we then began to think about all the other items we take for granted in our home.  We, along with our 8 ever growing children, began a quest to help give families the same household items that bring us comfort as a family.  These items include beds, dressers, dining room tables, couches, cribs, baby items, etc.  We began purchasing these items and asking for donations.  We met with local agencies to help us identify families we can assist.  Within a few months we began growing and helping families.  It has been an amazing experience for our family to have the ability to help others make their houses feel like home!!!!

Brett & Carissa Morton

Hudsonville, MI

Helping others make a house a home

The service was great you guys are beyond awesome. It is nice to know kind people like yourselves still do good deeds and give back. Thank you for everything, happy holidays from my family to yours. You and your husband are doing a fantastic job at helping the community, it means a lot to have wonderful people like u all in this world because it's people like yourselves that makes this world a better place. Thanks again."                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~ Jazman



Today I received furniture from Home Free.  To me it was much more than furniture that I received it was comforting to know that there was hope and help going from being homeless for 7 months to having a place with furniture I'm just so grateful.  A toddler bed to you but to me comfort for my daughter and a safe place to sleep.  I am thankful for your help.                          ~VIctoria

I connected with Home Free the day after they agreed to work with our organization, and they were immediately ready to lend a hand.  They were eager to help out my client, and went above and beyond the items that I requested.  Thanks to Home Free, my client was able to get the essential items she needed to get ready for her upcoming baby.  I cannot thank Brett & Carissa enough for everything they have already done to support our community.                                                         ~ Danielle Social Worker


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